Early Development

A forever home with a forever (infinity) pool. Regional architectural at its best. Designed to maximise the sloping nature of the site, contouring the garage into the landscape, and using the natural ground level above for the main body of the home. 

• Green and Blue: Heavy on the landscaping, with a constant reflection of blue. This design retains the natural ground level but also brings to life what is possible on a sloping site.

• Infinity Pool: A pool is often the last item on anyone's wish list, but this client wanted laps without the traffic. 

• Northern Light: The main living spaces capture maximum northern light, whilst the private quarters are shielded from the harsh sun; all whilst connecting with the water and maximising privacy from the street.

Project Team:

Architect: David Tomić - CBD Architects

Landscape Architect: Fabre Design

Builder: Owner-Builder