David Tomic Designed AirBnB Accomodation

Glowing Airbnb

One home, two stories. This majestic maxline home designed on a BAL-40 site represented the possibilities of the internet. It will soon be home to one family per floor; acting as an Airbnb destination. 

• Two Dwellings: The client wanted to be able to rent this home out as an Airbnb but not have it look like multiple dwellings. They wanted a beautiful home to compliment their own which would be built later down the track at the bottom of the same block. 

• LED Magic: At night the home will glow over the bay as the outline of the façade creates a beacon of light. 

• Couples Retreat: One bedroom, a living and dinning space with a full size kitchen is showcased on each floor, with an ensuite for guests and a common laundry, the floor plans are ideal for Airbnb.​

Designed by: David Tomic (Project Architect) whilst at Concept Building Design in conjunction with R.Forgione

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