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Today, to celebrate the 10,000 subscruber mark, I'm answering your questions. The questions varied so much from archicad related to person life, and I wanted to cover as many topics as possible from all of you. Firstly, thank you for asking the questions it really makes this whole YouTube channel feel a lot more real when you jsut compare it to the numbers ticking over.

1. I go over your questions and answer them as truthfull as I can. ArchiCAD or Revit being the first question. Between the two software, I think both have their pros and cons, i've actually made anumber of videos about this topic. However personally, for me at this very moment in my career I htink archicad is the better software. Not because it is more powerful then revit, nor does it have more features then revit, but for the simple fact it is purely functional and so easy to learn.

2. The adobe suite is something that you might also want to consider learning. ArchiCAD is a great systen but when you pair it with photoshop, illustrator and even indesign you can present you documentation in such a unique way. It takes more time to actually put this information together, but it will look a lot more impressive at the same time. I learn the adobe suite in university when I took a graphic design course to prepare myself for the years ahead in architecture. It was something that I still value today and money well spent.

3. I actually taught myself all the CAD programs I know including archicad. The university taught me a couple of them in the early days, but nothing really that would assist in the real world. Archicad was something i taught myself in 2nd year of uni and continue to learn in the work force. I never took a class or a course, I actually learnt everything online.

4. Becoming an architect is a very long jounrey and not for everyone, thats why some people may opt to become draftspeople, or for the simple fact they just enjoy technical drawing more. Pros of becoming an architect, more freedom, more creativity, more money. Cons, more stress, more responsibilites, more pressure.

5. The image you are refering to in this question was done on twinmotion as well as photoshop. The only difference is that I change the sky in photoshop because personally I do not like the skies in twinmotion.

6. Finding you first job as a grad is very challenging, I often recommend going out and offering your skills for free for a few months just to build up your resume and get your foot in the door. Not always will you get a job there afterwards, but it will lead to a much stronger resume which in turn will get you a job.

7. Anyone can become an architect with the right skills and training it doesnt matter who you are. Like I already mentinoed it is a very long road to becoming an architect and something that you might want to consider the financial implications of. A masters degree in australia is very expensive for example. But as a QS in this question, you probably dont need to learn archicad for your role, it would be helpful in some instences but not the best use of your time. Having said that, I'm not a QS, nor do I know what your role looks like day to day.

8. You don't need to be creative to become an architect but it does help. That is the best way I can answer that question. They also don't teach you how to be creative at uni, nor do they teach you too much about technical drawing. That is something you are either born with, acquired over time or just learned in your own time.

9. Yes, I can speak both serbian and croatian, feel free to test me.

10. Mac or microsoft? the answer is a personal choice really. Depends what you plan on using the computer for, how you use a computer, what your level of skill is. Mac is a better system for a run and gun user, whilst a microsoft pc is much better for anyone that knows how to use a computer and is a bit of a tech nerd; like me.

00:00 Intro and thank you

02:37 ArchiCAD or Revit

03:11 Adobe Suite

04:12 CAD Education

05:00 Draftsperson vs architect

06:15 Twinmotion render

06;50 Finding a job

08:06 Architect as a QS

08:51 Passion Projects

10:25 Creative Juices

11:24 ArchiCAD Workflow

13:50 Tech at Uni

15:33 Native Tounge

16:28 Mac or Microsoft

17:33 Long outro

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