Any ArchiCAD project in AR

Impress your peers by showcasing ANY archicad project in Augmented reality thanks to the new M1 iPad Pro.

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The M1 iPad pro has been a game changer in so many ways, it has allowed us to break through what a traditional tablet can do and push those boundaries into the new century. Today I am pleasured to be able to create such an increadible video and excited to showcase it with you all.

As we already know the M1 iPad pro comes with a LiDar system, which also allows for incredible AR expierences. So to test out this feature a little more I wanted to figure out a way anyone could export their archicad project and import it directly into an app.

Thankfully the technology already exicted it is now just so much better! By using a combination of .fbx files exported direclty from archicad, uploaded onto the cloud, be it google drive, onedrive or dropbox, and simply pasting one link into the ARki app we are able to visualise our project well and truly before they are built.

With a number of premium feature that will allow us to link it perfectly to the location so we can freely walk around the project, unphased by the previously annoying AR features, ARki makes import and visualising architectural project SO easy!

If you ever wanted to show off your technology skills to your peers, now is the time to do so. If you ever wanted to show off to your clients, well this is by far a step in the right direction. Literally all people will have to do is hold your iPad once you've set it up and enjoy the experience.

00:00 Intro

02:04 Exporting ArchiCAD

03:43 Interlude

04:33 ARki App

07:05 Outro

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