Apple M1 iPad Pro for Architects

M1 iPad Pro, do you need it as an architect? Is it as good as people are saying!

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✅ The keyboard is amazing. The trackpad is just enough to feel like a iMac keyboard and not like the old MacBook keyboards. The keys are just super smooth to type on and you can type pretty naturally even on the 11” which you would think the keyboard would be too small.

✅ The ease and simplicity of the magnetic connection to the keyboard. This is the best thing I never knew I needed.

✅ battery life and screen quality. Not 12.9” new screen but still incredible. Battery life all day off one charge from 7am to 9pm still about 15% battery left at the end of the day.

✅ center stage is amazing for client meetings.


❌ camera is in the wrong place. Every time I unlock it because the power button is on the same side, it keeps telling me the camera is covered and cant detect my face

❌ keyboard is a little tough to open. It takes two hands to open it. It also doesn’t bend back far enough, especially if you’ve got the iPad on the kitchen bench for example and youre standing up looking down. It’s just at the wrong angle. But, it is significantly better then the surface pro keyboard. If you’ve been around on this channel for a while, you’ve know my thoughts on the surface pro.

❌ no escape button on the keyboard. This is super annoying. As you know I’m an archicad user and the simple fact is I press the escape key about a million times a day so pressing it to exit something is just second nature. Now I keep pressing the approximate symbol which does nothing…

❌ cant drag and drop. This is a software thing not an iPad Pro specifically thing, but I tried to drag and drop an attachment from outlook directly to onedrive to save it and file it… you cant. It’s just a long round about process to save something.

Architectural Uses

🏡 meeting workhorse. Client meetings are pretty full on, there usually isnt that much time to be messing around, but because i purchased the whole accessories bundle ill call it, i can type minutes of the meeting whilst talking to the client, have a set of plans open on the side that i can mark up and sketch on and then instantly send those mark ups and minutes to whomever need them after the meeting.

🏡 performance is insane. I have one job where the PDF has so many hatches that both my iMac and the desktop behind me which is a fully custom rendering beast stuggle to load. This thing loaded it INSTANTLY! It took me a minute to realise that was the same PDF that i always have issues with. I’ve got a 12.9” 2nd gen iPad Pro at the office which we use to use for meetings, and even that crashed every time you opened that project up. M1 chip is looking like the future of architecture. Which means apple is looking like the future of architecture for me. Apple if you’re watching, hit me up - genuine partnership could be had here.

🏡 i use 3x apps for architecture on my ipad mainly, morpholio trace, photoshop and Lightroom. Everything else is more-so and administrative tool. Outlook for example, ms teams, to-do lists, calendars its all project tracking. Morpholio still doesn’t have high res PDF import even with the new m1 chip, when you zoom in too much its a little blurry. When you use Adobe PDF mark up its great, but morpholio needs an update for sure.


Would i recommend one to architects and architecture students.

Yes and no.

Firstly this set up is nearly 2k Australian, that is a very expensive piece of paper basically. BUT if you’re in a position where you have to communicate with clients in person and in meetings, this thing is essential.

As an architecture student do you NEED one. No, you don’t need one. I think a good laptop would still be more productive for architecture then an ipad because the ipad still cant run any architectural software. It is a great drawing, marking up and senior level management tool, but until you can open up archicad on an ipad, this wont be my one and only recommendation for students.

If you a non-architecture student who is looking for a basic laptop for word, PowerPoint etc, this is better. The OS is just perfect.

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