ArchiCAD 24: 30 minute Renovation Filters Tutorial

Stop wasting your time drawing in 2D and redoing work. Learn renovation filter on archicad 24.

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ArchiCAD 24 is a powerful tool, but many people are still using archicad the old school way; having to redo lots of work and constantly having to use 2D lines. With renovation filters we can chop and change our work flow to however we see fit.

By introducing existing, demolition and new construction filters, we have the ability to review our work at any point in time. So lets take the example of new information being presented to us on the existing plans. This would usually mean having to go back and change a series of pln files to adjust one change and then having to retify all those items in the new construction. Well now we can simply change one filter see exactly what happened, fix it in a matter of seconds and move on.

The renovation filter options provide us with a lot of flexibilty when it comes to documentation. By default they are set to grey, red and black construction lines, but we have the liberty of changing this to however we see fit. So if for any reason we wanted to change the existing lines to orange instead of grey, that would be extremely easy. If you don't know how to do this, it is something I teach in today's tutorial.

We explore renovation filters in archicad 24 in full depth, looking at all the ways to change our settings and what all the settings do. We explore this in both 2D and 3D elements whilst explaining how each setting change will effect your documentation.

00:00 Intro

01:44 ArchiCAD Launch

01:54 Renovation Filters Basics

04:34 Renovation Filters Advanced

07:57 Filter Settings

11:57 Interlude

12:25 Additional Settings

22:41 2D and 3D Results

25:00 Outro

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