ArchiCAD 24: 30 Minutes Modern Architecture Tutorial

Modern metal cladding with secret gutters. Maxline cladding is a premium finish and this is exactly how to create this chalet from start to finish in under 30 minutes.

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Looking to create a chalet with a unique and premium cladding material that you can use on your resume, portfoilo or anything? This archicad 24 tutorial will teach you exactly how to do so!

Today i take you through setting up archicad 24 layers, creating new layers and deleting old ones. Including how to dismiss all the warnings that you may face along the jounrey.

Next we move onto footing design in archicad 24. it will be combination of slab on ground and timber decking design to create the overall general shape of the building. By planning out our footings and floor plan before we begin designing it gives us a guide as to what and where we can design in archicad 24.

Now we move onto the ground floor plan in archicad 24. This is where we begin using layers for the external and internal walls. Layers in archicad 24 are very important because it will help reduce work load later down the track, so get them right at the start. We map out our internal layout in this section as well as a mud map.

Doors are critical to internal movement, if you dont plan them out property and set them up the way you want, it could be challenging to move around the inside of the house. So today i show you exactly how to change the door sizes, shape and even how to add handles.

Windows will make up the most of our external design in the project. We will be focusing on large format windows and sliding doors to give the project an indoor outdoor connection vibe.

Now we move onto the cladding. Maxline cladding is what it is called in australia and it is produced by Rev Roofing. This product comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes around the world but it is a striking metal cladding with a premium feel.

The roof is what really ties the whole design together. By using a simple secret gutter architectural detail we can ensure the cladding wraps the walls all the way to the tip of the roof. A very impressive detail on site and on archicad.

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00:00 Intro

01:13 ArchiCAD Commencement

01:53 Levels

02:55 Footings

06:37 Ext and Int Design

12:14 Doors

13:17 Windows

19:54 Cladding

22:43 Roof

31:40 Outro

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