ArchiCAD 24: 5 Tips From An Architect

I've completed a lot of projects on ArchiCAD 24 and as a result, I've learn a number of tricks that will help you get out of a sticky situation. From beginners to advanced, this video is for you.

The first elemetn we discuss today in ArchiCAD 24 is elevation markers and how you can set up a distance marker. The distance marker allows you to focus on the foreground and grey out the background. This becomes very useful when you're working with multiple dwellings or a series of chalets.

The second tip is PNG files. PNG files are extremely useful when landscaping is concerned in my opinion. Archicad 24 does not have a great varierty of plants available, so most of the time you need to go out and find your own. By defult archicad will import a png file with a white background, which completely defeats the purpose of importaning a png file. So there is a very simple way to fix that, which you'll learn in tip 2.

After wokring on archicad 24 for so many years you become very good at changing settings and creating library objects. But that doesn't mean nayone likes changing the same settings over and over again. That is why it is important to create an archicad 24 favourites library.

Renovation layers will also help you change your design workflow and save a you a ridiculous amount of time. Renovation layers can quickly be adapted and changed to suit whatever the project might be or however the client might be demanded it be shown.

Lastly, if you've gotten this far, you're going to want to export your project. There are a number of ways you can do it, but don't be fooled, its harder then it looks.

00:00 Intro

00:43 Tip 1: Elevation Markets

02:50 Tip 2: PNG Files

03:47 Tip 3: Library Favourites

05:02 Tip 4: Renovation Layers

07:41 Tip 5: Exporting

09:12 Outro

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