ArchiCAD 24 Design Tutorial Part 1

Looking to learn ARCHICAD 24, this video series is for you! Part 1 teaches you must design, document and export a famous Instagram image.

Learn from an architect working in the field! Archicad 24 is a powerful software but many people don’t know where to start, so today we take it step by step and teach you everything you need to know in archicad 24 to bring a photorealistic render to life.

We will be attempting to replicate this image:

With this as the result:

01:38 Save

02:58 Storey Settings

05:36 Footings

07:03 Walls

08:56 Materials

12:14 Hatching

15:03 Windows

20:36 Roof

23:09 More Windows

25:00 Steel

29:29 Bathroom

36:56 Kitchen

38:39 Bedrooms

39:10 Annotation

39:55 CUTS

41:19 Elevations

45:15 PDF Exports

51:20 Outro

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