ArchiCAD 24: Design Tutorial under 45 Minutes

Learn everything you need to know, step by step, to create this beautiful architectural project in ArchiCAD 24.

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Taking an inspirational image sent from one of your guys on Discord, check the links above to join the chat, we replicate this architectural masterpiece in archicad 24 in under 45 minutes.

The 45 minute tutorial is broken into sections which cover everything from modelling all the way through to rendering and colour correcting.

During the ArchiCAD section I teach you how to model the site plan; road, kerbing, landscaping, water and more. I then follow up the site design with basic building elements. This project has a number of different and unique ArchiCAD teaching moments, hence the selection. I break down how to create new wall types, how to create openings in the wall types and even the connection of PFC beams and timber cladding members. Overall the archicad section teaches the fundimental principals on ArchiCAD design and documentation.

Once the model is completed the ArchiCAD model is transfered to twinmotion 2021.1 where I very quickly run through everything you need to know to export a high quaity image without years of experience.

Finally that image is imported into adobe lightroom, and with the click of one button we transform it from boring to amazing! The last 15 minutes of this tutorial focus on the rendering process whilst the first 30 minutes are all about ArchiCAD!

00:00 Intro

01:18 Your Opinion Needed

02:29 Archicad Levels

04:02 Site Design

17:20 Built Form Design

32:13 Twinmotion

43:55 Lightroom

44:46 Outro

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