ArchiCAD 25: Easy Axonometric Tutroial

Looking to create the perfect axonometric for your project? Well archicad 25 just made it super easy!

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Today I showcase exactly how you can create the perfect axonometric in a matter of minutes. Once you set up these settings and save them to your template you’ll be making axo like a pro!

The first step is to simple use archicad to create the room you need an axonometric image for, in today’s example we will be creating a simple bathroom. Using only what is available to us in archicad we can create a beautiful axo in minutes.

Once the model is completed we move onto the axo settings. By simply changing the material properties and introducing one new fill we can redefine our model space. Be sure to pause this video and screenshot all the settings so you can replicate this at home in no time.

00:00 Intro

01:29 ArchiCAD

02:07 Modelling

07:22 Axo Settings

13:54 Outro

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