ArchiCAD vs AutoCAD

So this is an interesting question that's come up recently; AutoCAD or ArchiCAD?

Recently we discussed the differences and similarities between Revit and ArchiCAD, however today we really want to focus on the differences between autocad and archicad. Now these two are very similar but very different software and there might be a very specific reason why you're looking at one or the other.

Let's start by talking about the actual price differences between these two softwares autocad and archicad are both very powerful but yet very differently priced software.

Autocad only costs AU$350 a month to get going it is an ongoing subscription that you have to pay for every single month and there's no way out of it if you stop paying for it you stop using it. You can also pay AU$2,805 roughly yearly if you don't want to pay a monthly membership, this is one way to just flip your costs up front but it depends on your cash flow.

With Archicad you pay a very large chunk up front (approx. AU$11,500) to have the license and then you pay a yearly fee to renew or to upgrade if you want too. If you don't want to upgrade to the next license you don't have to pay anything.

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