ArchiCAD vs Revit | Which is best?

There seems to be an age-old question that millions of people are googling every single day and I'm here today to finally help you make a decision. ArchiCAD or Revit.

Today we're gonna be comparing Revit against ArchiCAD. These two programs are definitely the industry leaders in BIM, if you're in the architecture profession, or if you're an engineer you've definitely heard about these two programs.

Personally I've used them both, I've learnt them both, and I have a very good understanding of what each of them can do on a day to day basis. Full disclosure, I now use ArchiCAD for my job because that is the program we use in my office

If you're looking at using Revit or ArchiCAD the first thing that comes to mind is price for example. Revit gives you their price straight away on their website at AU$3,140 every single year, per user. That is a very high price tag to pay for a 3d modelling program but when it's one of the best they have a reason to justify it.

If you want everything in Revit suite which includes all their engineering platforms and all their vehicle movement paths that bumps it up to almost AU$4,200

Archicad on the other hand isn't as user-friendly and doesn't give you their prices upfront as an ArchiCAD user I know how much it costs. Upfront it may seem expensive but in the long run it is cheaper. Currently in 2021, it costs approximately AU$11,500 to buy a full license; this is yours forever and you never have to pay anymore if you don't want too. If you want to upgrade to the latest version, well then Graphisoft will charge you less than AU$1,000 to upgrade.

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