Architectural Photography & Videography on a Smartphone

Architectural photography and videography is not easy. It takes skill, patience and what most people would tell you, the right gear. I am not most people, nor will I tell you that you need a $5000 camera to start your career in architecture.

By knowing the right tricks of the trade, you can easily capture some incredible photos and videos with nothing but a smart phone.

Once you're ready and have made a small profit from your new found career as an architectural photographer and videographer, you will be able to afford a gimbal. This is where you can truly bring your videography to the next level.

Peter mckinnon will have nothing on you! Oh and Matti Haapoja will be giving away all his camera gear to focus only on smartphone photography and videography once he sees your work!

If you don't believe me, just watch Mr Beasts videos. Almost all of the most important elements are shot with the cheapest camera he can find because he knows how to capture the product.

Don't be fooled.

00:00 Intro

01:11 Educate yourself

01:32 What Smartphone

02:21 Handheld Techniques

03:43 Gimbal Techniques

05:00 Post Production

05:25 Outro

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