Best laptops for architects & architecture students

So you're either an architect or an architecture student looking for a

laptop in 2021. Today, we review the best of the best and find out exactly what you need to buy to succeed.

Today we're talking about the best five laptops for architects and architecture students

in 2020 now i haven't put a budget on these products because of the simple

fact when you purchase a laptop for architectural purposes chances are you're going to need to spend a little bit more than you think. Especially if you want it to be able to cover all the programs and all the different software that you're going to require throughout your career.

Now before we begin it is in my personal opinion that laptops in an architectural profession do not last or keep up with technology for more than three to five years so after three to five years you're more than likely going to have to update your system and either sell your old one get a new one, or figure out how to be able to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology; that's because technology moves at such a rapid pace that it will leave you behind and you will not be productive with an outdated machine

so with that being said let's get into my top five laptops for architects in no particular order.

#1 Microsoft Surface Laptop

#2 Apple Macbook Pro

#3 Dell XPS 13

#4 MSI WP65th-1210AU

#5 Thinkpad x390

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