Best Tablet for Architects in 2021

What is the best tablet for architects in 2021? Well the answer might be samsung or it might be an apple device, that really depends on you.

Today we explore the best tablets from apple and samsung giving you the freedom to select which device you prefer. There is no right answer, only the right answer for you.

We compare the apple ipad air and the apple ipad pro, looking for the best in overall power and performance, battery life and useability.

We also compare the samsung s7 tablet against the samsung a7 tablet to see which one will be able to do the best job and why.

Each device seems like it will have clear pros and cons, but as architects the pros and cons you might be thinking of are very different to that of what causes us greif.

In this video:

iPad Air:

iPad Pro:

Samsung S7:

Samsung A7:

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00:35 Best Android Tablets

04:11 Best Apple iOS Tablets

07:16 Outro

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