Construction Details (ArchiCAD 24)

5 of the most common construction details outlined and depicted in ArchiCAD 24.

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Architectural construction details can be very overwhelming, especially if you are a student or someone just starting out. Today I show you exactly how to draw 5 of the most common construction details in the industry on ArchiCAD 24.

What makes these details so special, well they are the fundamental building blocks of architecture, without knowing exactly how some of these details come together on site, you will not be able to apply an architectural detail out of it.

The first detail is a standard double brick construction detail sitting on a concrete slab with a footing. What may seem like the most basic detail in the world has a lot of layers and components to it.

The second detail is more traditional for global construction and that’s a timber frame wall on a concrete slab.

I follow this detail up with a retaining wall detail as well as a column detail.

The most un-common but also most-common detail in commercial architecture is a tilt up concrete wall to a concrete slab detail. This detail is very raw and industrial but will have some incredible uses if you detail it correctly from an architectural point of view.

00:00 Intro

02:30 Detail 01

09:53 Detail 02

14:25 Detail 03

19:46 Detail 04

23:30 Detail 05

27:52 Outro

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