Elevation Redesign

Client wasn't happy with your first elevation? Find out how to quickly and easily change the design to provide alternatives in a matter of minutes.

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When the client comes to you and says, I love the design, but hate the elevations, its time to get back on ArchiCAD and start re-designing. However this can be a really painful experience if you don't know these simple options.

Regardless of how simple of complex the design is on archicad, as an architect you should have the skills and ability to be able to provide an alternative in a matter of minutse. One of the simplest ways to change the elevation is to manipulate the roof line.

By manipulating the roof line in archicad you can take the project from modern, to hamptons, or boring to inspiring. Even with the example I show today which is literally just two boxes stacked on top of each other, we are able to create a variety of different evelations without having to move a single wall.

The pitched roof alternative can be used as a simple alternative shown to the client from day one which allows them to choose their prefered design. Most of the time client don't actually know what type of architecture they like or want until they have seen something put on paper.

In this archicad 24 tutorial I show you have to set up archicad, model all of the walls and windows in the basic design, and then how to duplicate the entire project so you can begin designing alternative elevations.

00:00 Intro

01:03 ArchiCAD Setup

02:50 Base Build

07:40 Elevation 1

19:44 Double up

21:31 Elevation 2

23:52 Maxline Cladding

32:14 Elevation 3

40:00 Outro

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