How Many Professionals Does It Take To Design A Home: Careers in Architecture

Now you might be thinking that architecture is a promising career, and you would be right. It is also a very rewarding career. Maybe you aren't a creative person, but still want a career in the architecture profession. Well today we discuss all the professionals whos career aligns with architecture.

The list is long, super long. 20 careers to be exact!

Lets break it down here:

1. Architect (obviously)

2. Geotechnical Consultant

3. Structural Engineer

4. Electrical Engineer

5. Hydraulic Engineer

6. NCC Consultant

7. Surveyor

8. Mechanical Engineer

9. Accoustic Engineer

10. Fire Engineer

11. Energy Efficiency Consultant

12. Lift Consultant

13. Landscape Architect

14. Interior Architect

15. Access Consultant

16. Arbarist

17. Quantity Surveyor

18. Planning Consultant

19. Civil Engineer

20. Heritage Specailist

Yep, that list is long and full of professional careers that you might be interested in!

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