Introducing ArchiCAD 25

Introducing ArchiCAD 25: Thank you to Central Innovation for having me at their launch event so I could share this information with you.

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ArchiCAD 25 another year another great product update to get you guys excited about. Today we break down all the new features of Archicad 25 as well as my perosnal opinion if you should upgrade.

Latest Info:

• Anniversary edition

• Major Upgrade

• Some elements will come with Archicad updates later in the year

• Available from July 12th


• Select: show in 3D, show in floor plan, hide selection (right click based)

Polygonal openings

• customised shape of archicad 24 opening tool

• In either 2D or 3D view

• Can you magic wand for polygonal openings

Surfaces Textures (3D textures available in 2D)

• Realistic surfaces textures on elevations (no longer need to use photoshop)

• Now can use on section, elevations and interior elevations.

• Shadows can be used as well as distance marker

Library Improvements

• New kitchen cabinetry (fully parametric) - base, standing and wall

• 21 new kitchen objects

• New furniture (again fully parametric) sofas, ottomans, curtain rails, bean bag chair.


• Native Survey Point - geolocating (myCI has training on this)

• Native RFA and RVT exchange for revit files (native in archicad 25, import files directly and converts automatically)


• coming later this year BIMx on BIMcloud

• Improvements to structural engineering workflows

Metal on macOS rather then OpenGL

• Higher performance

Support for Rhino 6 and 7 - useful if using ladybug (now available on macOS) for shadow and energy studies

Later this year:

• redshift: new rendering internal software. GPU based = 10x faster then cinerender (used in conjunction with cinema 4D for high end renders)

• Zones will be shown in sections and elevation. Label tool can be used to attach labels names

• New scheduling for windows, merging multiple objects if identical but different names

00:00 Intro

01:32 Select Tool

02:32 Opening Tool

03:13 Sectional Textures

04:20 Library Upgrade

05:40 BIMcloud

06:08 iMac Exclusive

06:26 Rhino

06:45 Redshift

07:06 Thoughts

08:33 Upgrade

09:05 Outro

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