Laptops for ArchiCAD: All Career Levels

Every Architect needs a good laptop to support their career, but when there are so many to choose from and so many porgrams out there, I thought it would be best to explain which laptops are the best specifically for ArchiCAD.

Today we breakdown three stages of an architects career to be able to support our selections. The three sections are small, medium and large projects, each with a different selection of laptop.

For small projects, you have many options, today we only project 3.

For medium projects, you have less options, but still many to choose from; again we select 3.

Finally for large projects you really don't have many options at all. We only suggest 2 in this category.

00:00 Intro

01:04 Small: Laptop 1

01:38 Small: Laptop 2

02:06 Small: Laptop 3

02:51 Medium: Laptop 1

03:21 Medium: Laptop 2

03:50 Medium: Laptop 3

04:51 Large: Laptop 1

05:18 Large: Laptop 2

06:21 Outro

In this video:

Small Projects:

Surface Laptop 3:

M1 Macbook Pro: Apple Website (No links sorry)

Huawei Matebook:

Medium Projects

Surface Laptop 3 (higher spec):

M1 Macbook Pro (higher spec): Apple Website (No links sorry)

Dell XPS 15.6:

Large Projects:

Asus ROG:

MSI Stealth:

Video Items:

Samsung S20 Ultra:

Lav Mic:


Ring Light:

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