M1 iPad Pro Lidar for Architects

LiDAR is very new to most people, but with the new m1 iPad pro it makes it extremely accessible to most.

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The M1 iPad pro does not just come with the fastest chip known to man in a tablet, it also comes with an incredible lidar scanner.

Today we are looking at the m1 iPad pro and its lidar scanning capabilities. Can we accurately scan a full room and have that data to take back to our office for further work, so its it not quite there yet?

I’ve review an number of app prior to the making of this video to field test them all, and I’ve narrowed it down to 3x apps.

We will be talking about

✅ Magicplan

✅ Polycam

✅ Scaniverse

► Magicplan

Magicplan is an incredible lidar based app that allows you to create floor plans directly from your ipad without having to draw a single line. It uses the lidar features to sense the walls, floor and ceiling and automatically create a 2D version. Not only does it understand where the walls are, but it can automatically detect doors, windows, power points and much more! Who would have know that a simple ipad app could do so much.

What I cant do however is…

❌Produce 3D lidar version of room

❌AR of lidar scan

❌more then 2x scans without having to pay for the premium version

► Polycam

Polycam is the next step up from magicplan, it allows you to use the power of the m1 chip along side the ipad pro to create a full 3d lidar duplicate of your environment. Alongside this incredible duplicate you can use the m1 ipad pro to measure all the details you require, even from a top down floor plan point of view.

✅ Good lidar scan

✅ Floor plan with areas

✅ User friendly

❌inaccurate dimensions

❌premium features should be free

❌better lidar scan quality out there

► Scaniverse

You’d think with a name like scaniverse you would be able to do almost anything, but in actual fact this app doesn’t do it all. Scaniverse has the ability to produce a full lidar model of your environment just like polycam but at a much higher quality.

✅ Measure with accuracy

✅ Excellent lidar scans

✅ AR options

❌ No floor plan/auto dimension

❌ No area calcs

❌ No 2D floor plans of finished product.

00:00 Intro

00:57 LiDAR Apps

01:14 MagicPlan

03:42 PolyCAM

08:01 Scaniverse

10:49 Pick one

12:03 Outro

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