Macbook pro vs Surface Laptop 2

So, you're an entrepreneur looking and live that laptop lifestyle, but like

most people you're overwhelmed with the choices out there. If you're like me and have

owned a number of companies and looking to live the ecom life, chances are you're

looking between an Apple MacBook Pro and the brand-new Microsoft Surface laptop.

Let's get started by taking a look at the Apple MacBook Pro, there's lots of

versions of Apple MacBook Pro and you're not going to need the

top-of-the-range which comes in at about AU$3500 if not more depends where you live in the world. If you just starting a dropshipping store you're more than likely going to be ok with running an i5 processor and maybe about 128 GBs of space; pairing that with a Google Drive account or a Dropbox account

If you're running a full branded store in you're really gonna have to step up your game and make sure you stand out from the crowd there's a lot of people in the industry now that are pumping out content day in day out and there's really quite a lot of processing power required from one of these machines to pump up that quality when you're importing full resolution of RAW files from something like a Canon mirrorless camera.

There's only three things that you need to have in your machine, and thats an i7 processor 8GBs of ram at minimum and also a dedicated graphics card

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