Travelling During COVID-19

Not a tutorial.

As an architect its easy to travel anywhere in the world. Its even easier to travel to places that only you can imagine. Its basically like being a kid again, but actually being able to convince people you've been there.

It is amazing how many people messaged me after these images went live on Instagram, asking "omg where is there", "how are you there its lockdown", "how are you travelling" etc. At the start it was just amusing, but then a lightbulb went off, maybe this is a good skill to explore.

As an architect you have the skills to travel anywhere by creating a 3D version of that environment. Today, I explian the process I used to travel to the south of france, without leaving my home.

00:00 Intro

01:05 Birth of an idea

02:10 3D Modelling

02:23 3D Rendering

03:52 Real world work

04:20 Lightroom and Photoshop

05:40 The final Product05:50 Wine Time

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