Twinmotion Easy Cinematic Video Renders

Never present boring twinmotion videos again! These premiere pro LUTS will make your videos a million times for professional and boost your career to the next level.

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Giveaway ends 14/03/2021. Winner will be announced on my IG story. 5x Winners will be selected to recieve a digital download pack for premiere pro LUTs used in this video. All winners will receive all 8x LUTs.

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Twinmotion produces some amazing cinematics video renders, but when you're a profession who wants to excel in their career, you need to step it up.

Today I showcase some of the best LUTs for premiere pro, specially designed for twinmotion exports.

Typical LUTs will over expose and destory your content, but these LUTs make any twinmotion export look incredible. It doesn't matter what season or look you are looking for, with four seasons, internal and external versions all included you will be able to create jaw dropping cinematics.

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01:45 Installing LUTs

02:52 LUTs Applied

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