What Happens When You Hire An Architect

Hiring an architect can be daunting process, especially if you have no idea of the jounrey youre about to embark on. An architect will end up as your best friend by the end of it, so choose wisely.

The proces begins by finding the right architect for you, meeting with them an entering into a formal agreement.

Once you've sign up with an architect, the drawing begins. Sketch design is the first stage where the architectcs attempts to read your mind, which never happens perfect the first time but we get the information out of you one way or another.

After the sketch design has been fine tuned to the point it reflects what the cleint is looking for, we move onto the design development stage.

During design development the architect focuses on planning policies, government regulation and other external factors that might affect the design. The end goal here is to submit to council for a planning approval.

An approval from the council means it is time to begin working drawings. This stage is all about details. The architect documents every light, tap, shower head, and carpet selection to name a few.

From there we take this set of document out to tender, which results in a price from the builder. Here you can either part ways with your architect, or watch the rest of this video to find out more!

00:00 Intro

00:23 Meet your Architect

01:07 Signing Documents

01:34 Sketch Design

02:39 Design Development

03:37 Council Requirements

04:08 Working Drawings

04:48 Tender and Pricing

07:21 Fork in the Road

08:20 Contract Administration

10:11 Practical Completion

11:13 Final Sign Off

12:38 Outro

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