WTF Do Architects Actually Do?

WTF Do Architects Actually Do?

Ever wondered what an architect does all day, or what their job role involves? Ever considered hiring an architect and thinking are they worth the money, will they get the job done right for me?

This video breaks down exactly how an architect runs a project, from start to finish. It teaches architecture students the critical information they are often expected to know without anyone ever teaching them. It highlights the importance of an architect to the client or anyone looking to hire an architect.

If you think that an architect just draws pretty pictures, then my friend you are mistaken.

But just for laughs, here is a picture explaining it!

architect residential and commercial process and flow chart

An architect must be a jack of all trades. They must know how to communicate with clients, builders, consultants, politicians, leaders, and everyone in between. They must know how to resolve problems on the spot, how to make the impossible happen. Often the work of an architect is grossly misjudged.

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