who is david tomic

David Tomić


David Tomic is a highly skilled and talented Architect renowned for his exceptional design abilities and unwavering dedication to his craft. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from Curtain University in Western Australia and is a registered Architect with the Western Australian Board of Architects. David is also a A+ member of the Australian Institute of Architects.

With an impressive track record, David has established himself as an award-winning Architect, recognised for his innovative and modern approach to architecture. In the 2021 MBA Awards, his design was honoured with the coveted title of Best Historic Renovations and Restorations under $1.5 million.

His expertise lies in creating stunning, minimalist designs that transcend traditional boundaries and captivate the imagination. By pushing the limits of architectural possibilities, David's work exemplifies his commitment to contemporary aesthetics and cutting-edge design.

In addition to his impressive achievements, David has played a pivotal role in expanding CBD Architects, acting as the founding architect, expanding their global presence by spearheading the establishment of their first international office. David continues to push the boundaries of architectural innovation, creating awe-inspiring designs that leave a lasting impression.

A key aspect of David's approach is his commitment to client satisfaction. He believes in fostering strong relationships with his clients, guiding and educating them throughout the architectural process. By deeply understanding their unique visions and aspirations, David translates their dreams into reality through meticulous planning and detailed design. This client-centric approach ensures that projects are delivered on time and within budget, exceeding expectations at every turn.

In line with his dedication to innovation, David leverages technology and 3D design to bring architectural concepts to life. By harnessing the latest advancements, he creates immersive and realistic representations of projects, allowing clients to fully experience and engage with their future spaces. This forward-thinking approach ensures that each design is both functional and visually striking.


Beyond his architectural accomplishments, David has made a significant impact through his presence on YouTube, where he shares his architectural expertise and passion for design with a growing community of like minded architects around the world. David's YouTube channel serves as an interactive platform, where peers can engage in meaningful discussions, ask questions, and seek professional guidance. His genuine and personable approach to content creation fosters a sense of community, connecting individuals who share a passion for architecture and design.