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Residential Workflow

Residential Workflow

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In the world of architecture, we acknowledge that the business side of things can be shrouded in mystery, even for seasoned design-focused architects. Enter our "Residential Workflow," a carefully crafted resource designed to educate and guide those seeking a deeper understanding of the client-architect relationship and the architectural project delivery process.

Key Features:
  1. Industry Essential Knowledge: Access six pages of instantly downloadable industry knowledge that demystifies the architectural project journey, making it accessible to architects of all backgrounds.

  2. Seamless Flow Chart: Navigate the complexities of the architectural process with a comprehensive flow chart design that outlines the journey from the client's first step into your office to the day you submit the final building plans.

  3. Comprehensive 70 Steps: This resource encompasses 70 crucial steps in the residential architectural project journey, providing a roadmap for every phase, from client acquisition to tender processes.

  4. Client-Architect Dynamics: Gain insights into the intricacies of the client-architect relationship, understanding how architects deliver projects with precision and professionalism.

  5. Consultants at Each Stage: Discover the significance of consultants at each stage of the architectural journey, ensuring a well-rounded approach to project management.

  6. Global Expertise: Designed by Australian architects, this resource has been downloaded and utilized by architects around the world, offering a global perspective on the architectural process.
Important Note: While this document serves as a comprehensive guide, it is essential to understand that it represents a typical journey on a residential project. Each project may have unique characteristics, and professional expertise should always be applied.

Enhance your architectural knowledge with the "Residential Workflow Simplified" resource. Download now to gain a holistic understanding of the architectural project journey, identifying key moments throughout the process.
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